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Deliver Shopping/COVID-19 Update


We will be remaining open to provide groceries and fuel. We will be putting some safe guards into place, we want to try to limit the amount of people walking around the shop to protect both staff and customers. We are doing deliver shopping to the most vunerable in our community.

  • Opening hours have been reduced to 7am to 5pm, 7 days a week for the foreseeable future.
  • If you have lists of shopping you want picked up, please contact us on 01267 236203 for Tanerdy Garage and 01267 253249 for Gwalia Stores or email the list to admin@tanerdygarage.co.uk. We will do the shopping for you and if you have to stay indoors at all times, we can deliver shopping for you.
  • We are trying our best to do deliveries as quickly as possible, if you order in the morning there is more chance of getting it that day. In the afternoon, it is more likely you will recieve it next day. We are trying to organise volunteer drivers at the moment to help.
    Weekends are less staffed and fewer driving staff, so we will not deliver shopping on weekends until a further update.
  • We are taking lists via phone and email, sometimes it may be harder for staff to see lists via email (especially on weekends). So, if you feel it’s been a while since you emailed a list, give either shop a call on 01267 236203 for Tanerdy and 01267 253249 for Gwalia to see if it’s been recieved.
  • The kitchen is currently closed for takeaway and delivery food but we are still making sandwiches and are now making ready meals to heat at home.

For more information and to recieve updates straight away, follow us on Facebook or keep on eye on our Homepage.

Thank you all for baring with us in these hard times and let’s continue to make sure we keep one another safe.


Post Office

The Post Office is now open!
We will eventually be open from 6am to 10pm, but for the next few weeks or so we will be closing earlier until we get the hang of it all.

We will be able to –
Send letters and parcels
Cash deposits and withdrawals by Chip & PIN
E-bill payments, gas & electric top ups and phone top ups
Post Office card accounts
Postal orders

Gulf Oil

Gulf Oils

Tired of not knowing what oil you need for your car? Need a certain oil but we never have it in stock?

Well here’s some good news, Gulf have partnered with a new distribution company, meaning we will have more oils available for you and at faster times than normal.

They have also designed an app to find out what oil your car needs, simply scan the QR code on this poster or visit www.GulfRetail.co.uk/Oil-Finder then type in your car’s registration number, you’ll have the oil you need instantly!

Try it today!